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  1. Where would we place ourselves on the following client portfolio planning scale?
  2. When was the last time we conducted a thorough review of our client base?
  3. Are we willing to fire clients that do not strategically fit our firm or are not profitable?
  4. Do we have a vision of the ideal target mix of clients that will drive the firm’s strategic direction?
  5. De we have a formal process for onboarding new clients into the firm?
  6. Where would we place ourselves on the following client relationship scale?
  7. Do we strategically segment our clients into categories based on their level of value and potential?
  8. Do we require an account plan for every key client in the firm?
  9. Do we have a formal, consistent client feedback program? Are results shared? Are problems aggressively addressed?
  10. Is client feedback factored into the senior team’s evaluations?


Test Your Performance on the PSF Leadership Model

To gage your performance on each of the 10 critical areas of management focus, take some time to review and discuss the following series of questions.


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