Professional Service Firm | Positioning

  1. How do we describe our positioning — what we do, how we do it, and why we are different — to a new client or potential recruit?
  2. When was the last time the senior team spent the time to conduct a positioning analysis and evaluation?
  3. Do we have an articulated and communicated service delivery and buyer experience philosophy? Are people evaluated and compensated based on their adherence to this philosophy?
  4. How do we describe our brand — the image our clients and the marketplace have of our firm?
  5. Do we really understand what brand is and how we get one?
  6. Have we ever tested our brand reputation, awareness, and strength?
  7. Where would we place ourselves on the following continuum in describing our marketing activities?
  8. Are we satisfied with the performance of our marketing team?
  9. Do we need to take the step to hire/build a non-billable marketing leader and department?
  10. How do we motivate ALL of the senior team to promote the firm and bring in business? Is it working?
  11. Do we have an on-going thought leadership program to position the business, build brand and sell services?


Test Your Performance on the PSF Leadership Model

To gage your performance on each of the 10 critical areas of management focus, take some time to review and discuss the following series of questions.


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