Professional Service Firm | Strategy

  1. Where would we place ourselves on the following continuum in describing our level of planning and accountability?
  2. How would we respond to the following statements?
  3. Do we have a long-term strategic plan?
  4. How often do we review/update our long-term plan?
  5. Do we have a formal annual planning and budgeting process? Is the development of the plan a collaborative process or strictly driven from the top? Do the numbers drive the plan or does the plan drive the numbers?
  6. How often do we review progress against goals?
  7. Are business unit leaders held accountable for achieving goals? Does performance really impact compensation — really?


Test Your Performance on the PSF Leadership Model

To gage your performance on each of the 10 critical areas of management focus, take some time to review and discuss the following series of questions.


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