Professional Service Firm | Vision, Values & Culture

  1. When was the last time our senior team spent time reviewing, discussing,
    and agreeing on our vision for the firm?
  2. Are partners/equity owners of the firm aligned around our vision?
  3. Can everyone from the back office to the leadership team articulate the values of the organization and their respective obligations to uphold these values?
  4. Do we enforce our values? Are performance evaluations and ultimately compensation affected if values are violated? Will we “fire” a heavy revenue generator if he or she doesn’t uphold these values?
  5. Do we reward and celebrate good behavior?
  6. How would we describe our culture?
  7. Have we proactively determined what we want our culture to be or has it just “happened”?
  8. Do we proactively cultivate and reinforce our culture?
  9. Is “cultural fit” one of the most important criteria in our hiring decisions?
  10. Do we like our culture?
  11. If we don’t, do we know how to change it?


Test Your Performance on the PSF Leadership Model

To gage your performance on each of the 10 critical areas of management focus, take some time to review and discuss the following series of questions.


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